Top 5 sugar daddy dating sites review

Sugar daddy dating websites help wealthy and generous men meet young and sexy women. All sugar daddies are rich, successful and powerful men looking for hot, smart and beautiful ladies who are aware of finer things in life. Mutually beneficial relationships are also known as arrangements between sugar daddies and sugar babies – they are clever individuals without BS and deception, because arrangements are best characterized by honesty and mutual benefits. An arrangement can be a No-Strings-Attached relationship, a Friends-With-Benefits relationship or a long-term relationship. Most importantly, both sugar daddies and sugar babies respect each other and meet each other’s needs in arrangements. If this describes what you are looking for, please take a look at the top 5 dating sites for sugar babies and sugar daddies.

No. 1: Sugar Daddy Meet

  • Why Sugar Daddy Meet is the No. 1 dating website for sugar babies and sugar daddies: Sugar Daddy Meet is for the elite of the elite, i.e. the most upper-class VIP community for the richest men and hottest women. This sugar dating site’s No. 1 status is backed by the supreme dating service and customer care. Billionaires, multi-millionaires, famous politicians and well-known entrepreneurs are on Sugar Daddy Meet because they know they deserve the best dating service in the world. Meanwhile, super models, Hollywood actresses, pop singers and intelligent university students are also on this sugar daddy dating site as sugar babies.
  • What are Sugar Daddy Meet’s advantages: This sugar daddy website has many positives, e.g. There are account managers helping members with their online dating; matches are made based on the financial expectations of sugar babies; counsellors provide counselling sessions for users; members can create their own events and invite other members to join these events – that’s a perfect way to meet other members in person and get to know each other better.
  • Disadvantages: Sugar Daddy Meet charges a relatively high membership fee; however, that’s also an advantage because the higher membership fee is a filter which prevents scammers and low-quality daters from joining this sugar baby dating website. Another disadvantage is Sugar Daddy Meet is designed for female sugar babies and male sugar daddies only. Therefore, male sugar babies and sugar mommas have to look elsewhere.
  • Pricing: 1-month membership – $64.99; 3-month membership – $99.90; 6-month membership – $159.99. Different options are available, but most members prefer the second option (3-month membership) because that period of time is long enough to find someone suitable and the membership fee is quite acceptable for most people – Honestly, it’s very affordable for sugar daddies; sugar babies can easily get it back from sugar daddies’ allowance once they have found arrangements on this site.

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No. 2: Sugar Daddy For Me

  • Why Sugar Daddy For Me ranks so high on this list: Sugar Daddy For Me approves a dating profile within 10 minutes, so a new user can start looking for a sugar daddy or a sugar baby immediately. Therefore, it is probably the most efficient sugar baby dating site in the industry. Also, search results can be narrowed down in many ways according to a user’s needs and expectations. This sugar daddy dating platform uses the most advanced algorithm to help gorgeous women meet rich men fast. As a result, it is considered one of the best sugar daddy sites in the world.
  • What are Sugar Daddy For Me’s advantages: Sugar Daddy For Me is the only dating website where members can text each other without sharing their phone numbers. This feature is called Anonymous Texting! This offers the most convenient way to contact other users and communicate with each other instantly. Apart from that, members can contact the customer support team via telephone or email. All enquires are responded to quickly.
  • Disadvantages: Sugar Daddy For Me doesn’t have a mobile app at all, so it’s not very handy. That being said, it can also be considered a positive because all sugar dating apps on Apple Store are eliminated due to some controversial government rules recently. Therefore, if a member uses an iPhone, it doesn’t affect anything at all. All they need to do is to access its website via a browser. Yet all sugar daddy dating apps are still available on Google Play Store as those new rules are controversial by nature. Another disadvantage of Sugar Daddy For Me is a member can’t have unlimited storage of messages on this site unless they have become a gold member.
  • Pricing: It’s free to become a standard member. But a paid membership allows a user to access advanced features on the site. Gold membership – $44.95 per month, gold membership with total access – $59.90 per month, silver membership – $39.95 per month, silver membership with total access – $54.90 per month, 5-day full access pass – $0.99 (the last option is the cheapest, so some new members can try this service and decide whether they would like to keep using this site. What a no-brainer!)

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No. 3: Seeking Arrangement

  • Why Seeking Arrangement is the most popular sugar daddy website: Seeking Arrangement revolutionized the entire dating scene by aggressively promoting the sugar lifestyle worldwide. It’s not only featured on mainstream TV frequently, but also has over 10 million members in 193 countries. Sugar babies can write down their wish lists in their dating profiles directly. That means sugar daddies can see which gifts a sugar baby wants and give her those gifts immediately. Seeking Arrangement also asks each sugar daddy to list his net worth on his dating profile. At the same time, each sugar baby can list her financial goal on her dating profile as well. So many sugar daddies, sugar mommas, female sugar babies and toy boys are all on Seeking Arrangement.
  • What are the advantages of Seeking Arrangement: Seeking Arrangement manually verifies each and every dating profile, so if someone uses another person’s photo as their profile photo, that profile will be deleted. Also, university students can join Seeking Arrangement for free because when a university student uses a “.edu” email address to create a profile, their membership fee is zero. Better still, Seeking Arrangement promotes university students’ profiles in search results – these members become premium members automatically for free. Another advantage of this sugar daddy dating website is its huge database. No matter where you live, you’ll definitely find someone suitable on Seeking Arrangement even if you are living in a small town. The best thing that Seeking Arrangement does is its annual sugar babies’ summit and sugar daddies’ parties in big cities. Their sugar babies’ summits are also available online. A summit is a big conference which has many experts teaching sugar dating advice.
  • Disadvantages: Free members can’t do much on Seeking Arrangement. If a user wants to access most features on this site, they have to upgrade their membership. This possibly stops many stunning sugar babies from joining this sugar baby dating website.
  • Pricing: 1-month subscription – $89.95 each month; 3-month subscription: $79.95 each month; 6-month subscription – $69.95 each month.

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No. 4: Sugar Daddie

  • Why Sugar Daddie is the most vibrant sugar dating community: Sugar Daddie is one of the best sugar baby dating websites on the market. It is not only a sugar daddy dating site, but also a sugar dating advice forum where people can ask questions and answer questions in a safe environment online. In this way, daters are able to meet more potential sugar daddies or sugar babies on its forum, too. This is a unique method of approaching other members online and breaking the ice. Besides, Sugar Daddie offers its users many dating options, so a user can choose “strictly a sugar daddie relationship” – if a user doesn’t choose this option, that means they are open to other possibilities. Hence, many members on this site have got married already, which is not surprising at all because most sugar daddies are very caring and generous, and most sugar babies are pretty and intelligent. That’s seriously the perfect match!
  • What are the advantages of Sugar Daddie: Sugar Daddie doesn’t automatically get their members’ money each month, i.e. auto-renewal doesn’t apply to their billing system. So, every member is in control of how much money they want to spend on the site. This is not very common on other sugar daddy websites. Moreover, a list of suggested matches is being updated continuously on the right side of the screen, so a user can view suitable members’ profiles easily. Thus, Sugar Daddie is also considered the most efficient sugar dating website.
  • Disadvantages: As its name suggests, Sugar Daddie is only for straight sugar daddies looking for female sugar babies. Consequently, gay sugar daddies, sugar mommas and male sugar babies cannot use this service. Another disadvantage is most daters on Sugar Daddie are from English-speaking countries; as a consequence, people from other countries may not be able to find local sugar daddies or sugar babies easily on this site. Lastly, each member’s background is not checked by this website.
  • Pricing: 1-month membership – $29.99 in total, 2-month membership – $39.99 in total, 3-month membership – $59.99 in total, 6-month membership – $109.99 in total, 12-month membership – $169.99 in total. Clearly, the longer you stay on this site, the lower monthly fee you’ll pay.

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No. 5: Rich Meet Beautiful

  • Why Rich Meet Beautiful grows so fast: Rich Meet Beautiful is the biggest sugar daddy dating site in Europe, a continent with a rich history and culture. Because most sugar daddy dating sites mainly cater for the needs of members in North America, Rich Meet Beautiful identified the needs in Europe clearly and has met those daters’ needs very well. For those European visitors who are considering joining a sugar baby dating website, Rich Meet Beautiful should probably be No. 1 rather than No. 5 because it’s based in Europe instead of North America.
  • What are the advantages of Rich Meet Beautiful: Members can log in via their Facebook accounts, but Rich Meet Beautiful will never post anything on their Facebook timelines. This is very convenient; this site respects users’ privacy. Additionally, every member’s profile is very detailed, so it gives others a clear idea about what that member is like. Because users’ privacy is very well protected, a user doesn’t have to upload a photo with their face. In addition, both sugar daddies and sugar mommas are encouraged to join this site. And it is absolutely, positively free for all sugar babies, no matter they are female sugar babies or toy boys. No wonder it has attracted a large number of attractive sugar babies in a short period of time since its inception in 2017.
  • Disadvantages: When a member uses Rich Meet Beautiful app, they can easily notice that the app has a different database which belongs to a casual dating platform owned by the same company. So, users should probably stick to the website of Rich Meet Beautiful.
  • Pricing: 1-month subscription – €39.99; 3-month subscription – €89.97; 6-month subscription – €119.94; 12-month subscription – €179.88. Users can decide which option they prefer. Nevertheless, dating experts argues that if a person is serious and wants to find the best arrangement in their life, they would be well-advised to invest in the longest period of subscription because it takes time to meet the most ideal sugar daddy or sugar baby. For instance, if someone buys a 12-month subscription, they only pay the membership fee once, but they have the biggest chance to get the most suitable person that can meet all their needs, which means they will get return on investment in the long term anyway.

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To sum up, sugar daddy dating sites believe in arrangements rather than traditional relationships which are full of drama and stress. That’s because the principle of reciprocity applies to everything and everyone in this world, according to Robert B. Cialdini, the author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Reciprocity is about psychological karma, not spiritual karma. It means you can only get what you give. Small wonder traditional relationships are so painful – that pattern is actually against human nature and certainly doesn’t suit the modern-day society anymore. That’s why switched-on individuals join sugar daddy dating sites and look for arrangements that can satisfy their real needs without the need to lie or cheat. When a person is in a mutually satisfactory arrangement, the principle of reciprocity certainly applies!