How to deal with scammers on Sugar Daddy dating sites

Sugar daddy dating sites are always going to attract a myriad, eclectic mix of people.

Just by the very nature of what sugar daddy dating entails, so it should be expected that there are always going to be people trying to deceive, take advantage of or scam others.

On one side of the equation we have wealthy older men, aka the sugar daddy, able to use his money to get what he wants; and, on the other side, we have very attractive young women looking to get ahead with their lives and being attracted by the idea of being in a an agreed form of relationship with a rich man and having him take care of her monetary (and other) needs.

In the modern world we live in, money talks the loudest: our sugar daddy has plenty of it and is prepared to spend it on the right sugar baby. Yet, our sugar baby may still be studying or just starting her career, so the thought of extra money for clothes, her apartment rental or a car is very appealing. A perfect match you may say, as each party gets what they want—, for most of the sugar daddy sugar baby relationships you are right, this works really well.

Enter the scammer or someone else who sees the opportunity to take advantage of either the wealthy sugar daddy or the younger sugar baby. Such scammers are very astute and have sophisticated, well worked scams, the details of which are constantly evolving.

So, whether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, how do you try to identify and/or eliminate scammers from interrupting your plans? What key things should you be always looking out for?

Well, here are a few great tips and pieces of advice to try and make sure you avoid becoming a victim of dating site scammers:

  • only use sugar daddy dating sites where both the sugar daddies and potential sugar babies have been verified by the site in question;
  • after you have made contact and been talking on-line for some time, ask if it is possible for the sugar daddy to send you a short video clip of themselves or, even better, arrange to talk through one of the smartphone Apps which allows you to see the other party in real time; these are more commonplace than ever before—and Apps which can be easily installed and used include WhatApp, Line or Facetime;
  • test your sugar daddy by asking a series of set questions one time and then asking the same questions the next time and see if his answers are the same;
  • if your sugar daddy promises to send money or gifts either on a regular basis or ad hoc and they don’t (or never) arrive in the time frame he promises, be suspicious, it may be the first step in the scammer getting ready to ask you for money;
  • never send money (or your personal details such as home address) to the other party before meeting them, not even if they have what sounds like an amazing or genuine reason for you to send such money (such as being robbed and then stranded in another city or having a sick relative who is having emergency medical treatment);
  • never arrange to travel out of your home city either by rail or plane to meet someone you have never seen in real time, especially if they promise to re-imburse your ticket when you meet

It’s hard to say what percentage of people on sugar daddy/sugar baby dating site are genuine, given the relative anonymity which the internet permits. However, on balance it does seem that the percentage of scammers is small.

Still, it is always wise to be prudent and exercise a high degree of caution when using any sugar daddy dating sites!